Tenchi Myo!-Card Game

Playtested Version 1.0
This cardgame is inspired by "Tenchi MYO!"-cards. You need at least one deck to be able to play (What!, you dont have one, I'm stunned)

Characters are killing time, when some reason or other, fight starts out. Purpose of this game is to win the fight, ie. win other players cards. At the start of a game each player gets five "characters" and one "scene". A "scene" is a card whitch has more than three characters in it. The characters have certain powerstructure, based on their relationsip


Kione- Is the most "sane" person of this lot so he can beat everyone, else butt...
Mihoshi- Who is then more than ready to give sympathy and happines. Her attitude conquers everybody else butt...
Little-Washu - Who is "weird" science-woman who can impress everybody else with her science-jargon butt...
Sasami - Who is soo kawaiji that her can break off any argument. That means nobody wins ongoing round, if nobody has Tenchi to play. Note that there got to be fight going, so you cannot play Sasami in first round
Tenchi- Has unfortunate fate to be in the middle of Ruoko and Ayeka. Both of them likes him, so he can beat both of them.
Ryoko and Ayeka -Are mutually evenly mached. Their argument about Tenchi makes them so that they can beat each other only with Tenchi (ie. card witch pictures Tenchi and either of them).
Joker- the Joker beats all other cards, even Sasamis ability.

First player plays a "scene" card, this shows witch characters can be played. Then everybody, including first player, can play a character. If card-picture has several characters, a player has to announcce which charecter it represents (except Tenchi & Ayeka/Ryoko). When every player has played all characters they want/can play, check who is won and, start a new round. Players hand must always be six cards, and your dont have to play any card in a given round if your dont want to(altough that probably means your lose the round). When character is played to the table, a multiple of that character cannot be played in that turn. The game end when agreed time or points limit is reached.
The rules still could to some adjusting, but this game is reasonable pleasant waste of time. Enjoy !