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last update: 13th of December 2001

"Here is links to some interesting sites. Ever increasing self-censorship and paysites makes it hard to find any decent picks. But my master says that any .jp-site is worth looking for, even if your browser doesn't support japanese script. Never links are at top."
Order of the sites is random, because he is too lazy to sort them.

General sites of interest
Aikan Myuo Only lemon-fanfic worth reading
Sebastian's shop Under Sebastians's site I have found several furry-bondage fan-fics! Check out, the one I have read are quite good.
Shokushu High School Shushuku is school dedicated to train young girls for victims. This site is nicely done, and has lot of stuff to look out.
Chain'sman Institute Another large and well made site. The Institute excist for helping those poor girls who have various manias and delutions. They have invent many types of ingenious methods for the poor patients. As they motto says: "A body in chains is a mind set free!" indicates. Recommended! From this page you can translate Japanese-pages into English. It phohetic machine-translation, so results look little funny, but atleast it helps if you can't read japanese(like myself).

Image galleries
Furry hentai Just resently I've have found intersesting hentai-art sub-class: Furry Hentai. Behind this link collection you can find good collection of Art with large dose of originality dressed in furs, leather and latex.
CG navi for adults This is a linkpage which offers a lot hentai sites. What makes it worth mention is that all sites presented here, are without any annoying pop-up adds. Even "CG art for adults" offers English, the sites are mostly japanese.
Hentai alliance Hentai alliance offers small selection of links. You could say that this site is crossbreed of webring and Linklist-site.
Sebastian's Bondage Shop Despite this site's name it isn't net-shop. Instead it's contains some wery original Bondage art (Mostly black and white), and quite kinky: Or have your stumbled any site that gives your furry/Gold digger-bondage art? Or furries turned puffed-up sex dolls?
Kylie's art site This site isn't very big, but it contains very good B-n-W art. While it contains non-bondage art too, Bondage ratio is about 1/3 of the whole.
GIGIC Gicic's site contains among other huge amount of pencil drawings of tied and/or big-breasted womans. nice to notice realistic-style artist who don't use CGI.
Elena Enema "Welcome to my Delusional World. It lays down a rule that you must be quiet. If you tell someone here, it will vanish into darkness like blowing out a candle.
Hush! ... Can you hear a girl's gasp from underground? And it become a scream for help...
Blackmoon Blackmoons site contains female and some male bondage art. Even it is .jp-site there is enought english to find around.
Uramoti2 This is one of those good japanese sites. It doesn't offer word of english, so the name of the site is taken from url. It has quite artistic monocrome art, and good link collection.
Erika Erika's site is also "japanese only" site, but it has good and clear organisation, that makes sites browsing easy. and or course there is a good sm-art that pleases the eye.
Kyohga Doh Really good looking and user friendly site. Go and see yorself.
Rosy Phantom Another site in Japanese/English. Site owner has set of characters whom are used as a models for pictures. Site has lot more than just picks.
Miragenoels The owner of this CG art-site has more realistic aproach to the subject than most other hentai artist.
Gloomy Scrapbook This is a site of Manga artist, not a collector. As a result, it has bit more quality. The site contains also exellent link-collection
Venus Now we are talking! this site is in Japanese only, but it is defenitely worth checking out. But be warned, some of the pics contains shuffing with human excrement.
KSR Another goodlooking site From japanese artist.
Latex felice Latex Felice has good user friendly site. Tasty art, and it is bi-lingual(jap-eng). This site offers new art quite often, so If you like latex bondage, this is site to see.
G-Nose Girls tortured by nose? Find out how nasal punishment can produse good and rather kinky orignal art.
Suichi's Sketch Pad Suichi Tanaka is artist from English speaking side of the world. He's art is just what I like, hand-drawn lineart.