Just once, like a lover, you

tenderly enbraced my shoulder

Youíre surely forgotten

we were just playing

Absolutely, Positively.

But to me,

Itís an important sentiment

A prayer-like dream

I hid inside myself

pretending to be a friend.

You donít know my love.

Why canít you be honest

Always , why cant I ...

just say "I love you"?

Itís painfull

My love, an an someday

Il-- get better off it

Holding back the tears

When I become brave, and speak my heart

Iím scared Iíll accidentally

see your worried look

Iíll manage the sadness

Iíll secretly keep it

secretly, secretly

Iíve put my racing heart to

sleep in my secret room

More than not beeing loved,

not beeing able to meet,

for me is heart braking.

You dont know my love

Why is my heart

always unable to love.


It is painfull, my love

even trough I close my eyes.


Your shining face...

Iíts the only thing I see.

You donít know my love.

Why canít I bee honest?


Why canít I be able

to tell you "I love you"?

Iíts painfull

my love, again someday

Iíll get better of it

holding back the tears.