Kawaiji martial arts

This is self-defense art of a cute lil' girls and womans. Its very hard and rare art,
so those who use it are so good that outsiders doen't nessecerely even notice it use.
With a risk of personal life I'm gonna reveal its secrets to you.

Basic attacks
In this techique there is three levels
Soft - You look the attacker with eyes wide and soft.
Harder - In addition of soft style, you lips begin tremble and your eyes getting wet.
C-ko level - You open all of you tear-reserves.

This technique is ment to be used when you attacer is starting his attack.
You just deny that the opponent has any bad intentions agains you, and act like you are againts
something really cute and nice.
If this techique is made good enough your opponent becomes confused and fumbles his attack.

You grab tightly your opponent in somewere and just don't let go.
When this attack sucseeds it will harden, or even completely block his movement.

This technique has wery limited use, but its effective.
You sit squarely in opponents leg, prefably knee, and starts to wear him out.
In a little while opponent will do jus about anything to get to stand up and walk.

"This is gonna hurt you"-ATTACK
This is so-called "ultimate tecnique".
You hit the opponents chest with both fist wery rapidly. If bodys pressure-points are known,
this causes chest to tremble. That lead to opponent in confusion, short of breath and ultimately unconciounces.
These are all techniques that I have found out yet.

Famous practitioners of this art
Bsides afforementioned C-Ko and Mihoshi, figureskater Asuka is elite of this art.