Ending theme:Iíll be there for you(Wathi ga soba ni iru)

Lyrics by: Sario Kijima Vocals by: Sario Kijima

Would you say that A girl alone, on her own

Should struggle so hard?

Is it fair that A girl like you, who never knew

Should be asked to atone?

Would you say:

"Hey my lifeís not meant to be this way"

(Would you, pretty please...?)

Is that so...

if givin upís the point beiní grown--

Iíd rather make-believe.

Key, you donít know

Just how long that Iíve been watching you...

Key, you donít know

How I wanna be the one whoís here for you.

Now donít you dare say youíll go away;

Iím telliní you, I mean to stay;

All you tears; all you cries and sobs;

Iíll be waitiní to kiss away.

And when your thoughs keep you awake...

Just a call is all itíll take.

Key, you know...

Iíll newer do a thing that you donít ask of me.

No matter what it takes...

Iíll be there for you.