My anime library

This is index-page of my library, and before you go to see my list there is few thing I want to say: All my tapes are in PAL-format, and most of them are good condition. The few exceptions are bacause I havent found better (Thats subbed-PAL) copies.
There is also a rating system, based on my personal taste:
* = Curiosity value
** = Good
*** = Really good
**** = Exellent!

For rought guidelines, in case you want to know: if tape is a)dubbed or b)have Finnish subtitles (Sub,F) I'ts Commercial release, otherwise my tapes are fan- subs. The outlook of a list is slighty altared: fist list shows anime that I'm willing to distribute, behind the link are anime that is commercially avaleble.
If you want to do trading with me, write me at a-mail address shown below.

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