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This page contains everything else, ie. non-art stuff.

    Fan-fic I wrote.

    Desperately seeking...

    Another fanfic inspre by sebastian the rubber mage

    Loser's become a price

Why this page

I am male anime/manga-fan, as thus intererested at hentai-art. For my frustration lately many new sites are kneeling to the money grubbers, or worse, hiding behind censorship.
So lately I have surfed mainly in japanese servers. These .jp-sites offer lot of interesting stuff. Fortunately my connections to these sites are sometimes unstable, and also sites layout may be hard to handle. This site intenst to present you the best of Hentai-art: No lingerie, no screencaptures and free of charge! So there.

Also I have this idea about listing AVS-sites If the task doesn't prove to be too ardous.