Mode la Motoko Kusanagi

I've just finished reading Ghost in the shell-manga in Nth time and, once again, marveled how very chic mode of clothing Motoko Kusanagi has.
In anime itis not so. While being good anime-movie all and all, the character design ecspeciallyin part of Ms. Kusanagi is rather plain amd his beautiful hairstyle is also gone. Shirow draws her more styleshly, and thats why I desided to a homage to his style in the mode of this page.


anime kusanagi
Firstly there is, for comparison, Motoko Kusanagi from anime: no hairspray used, and wears workmanlike clothes.

This picture shows from good angle how stylish hairstyle Manga-Kusanagi has.

Dressing style

I think these pictures speak themselves.

working clothes

casual wear

More workclothes

style from back style from front

official dress