So whats new?

October 28th 2002
I am moving into "" server. IHANK's pages are already there, and my homepage will appear to there as soon as I clean the pages up.

Happy hew year to everybody! For this site things have been little rough. Half a year I got tired of pop up-adds, so I moved under, and everything was fine at least first couple months. Then they started to renovate, and all kinds of stuff came up that harrashed site owners. At the same time Tripod/Lycos had stayed stable and free (Unlike some like "HOMESTEAD"). So now I have decided to keep two sites that are mirrors from each other.

December 2001
Because of technical difficulties I am back in tripod. It may not be perfect place to keep your site, but at least it doen't crash.

11th of December
I added a subsite that contains anime/manga-favoites of my frien Iikka.
also found yet a few broken links, so I fixed them.

27th of November
Now that I am currently in between job's. I had time to make link check-up. I done this more often if I had time.

23rd of October
Again I see that I had not done anything "new" for months. Oh well, real life is demanading my attention much more that ai would like. Today I checked stuff in my site. Also I added new version of my own fan-fic and one edicational fanfic about learning japan.

16th of August
Wai! I'm on holiday, and it means that I can finally find some time to add something new. I added my friends "Top5" wish list, now you can see 2/3 of a IHANK founders anime taste

I Made a shrine which I rant about abuse of Kasumi in fanfics, and you can find some fanfics too.

28th Of February
By some fumbling from my part some link in "anime Favortes" were deleted. I redone them

7th of January
I can't believe where the time goes. Finally I had time to do some tidying up. There are few links on "Anime top ten". I modified presentation of my anime-list a little. Thre is also a page deticated to Style of Motoko Kusanagi.

13th of September
I got a job! This is great moneywise, but it will cut my freetime a lot.

7th of October
Just as I thought! There has not been time to uptade (even) this page.
I had updated some of links in my pages.
I had also made few link in "My Anime Favorites". I intend to find more links, when I have time.
IHANK counter-broblem should also be taken care of

28th of August
I've moved to Tripod since start of this month. Reason for this was personal dislike for Yahoo grabbing geocities and broblems caused by it

There is also few new drawings I drawed in RoPeCon.