Opening theme: "My heart canít say it, your heart I want to know"

Lyricks by: Hasegawa Sora

Performed by: "Goddes family club"(Inue Kikuo, Tooma Yomi and Hisegawa Aga)

Just being close to you doesnít make love happen.

Even if I make it a puzzle, you cant

figure it out because youíre slow.

We came to the Spring sea,

wearing summer clothes.

Please cover me gently with your shirt.

"My heart" wonít let me be.

Say "Please" kiss me.

"Daydream" My dream getís bigger

and disappear in the sky.

Any girl can be happy, they all start shining

once they fall in love.

Even if tears starts to flow, or her heart aches,

If Iíts because of you, she becomes gentler.