Opening theme

In the cosmos I had a dream,

dreamed I saw this word destiny.

Shapes of silver cut trought the dark,

profiled trought the tragedy.

See, a shiver, deep, runs trough the flesh and blood...


Cantít you see it,

the memory shining?

Trough the time and space...

Canít you get it?

And in the darkness,

in your eyes is the phantoms I see.

Steel-like intentions, not as a flame,

as evírything melts away

and even times fabric is in sway.

in the darkness I had a dream

of this planet, itís destiny.

Silver figure, the fire heals

purifies trough tragedy.

See, a tremor runs, deep trough the flesh and blood...


Canít you see it,

time beyond memory?

Trough the time and space

Cnnít you get it.

And in the darkness...

phantoms stay, cant you see?