Updated: 1st of Febryary 2002

I desited to resettle this page a little. Because it seems that no site is perfect without picture gallery, I have made up my own.Since the drawings keep accumalating, Picturewault is divited in two sections: "DRAWINGS", whitch are my own doings, presented in this page, and
"FANART" pictures witch I have printed from the net.
Sorry if somebody gets angry seeing "their" pics, These are mostly scans from paper copies

"Ancient" drawings (pre 2000)
29 kb Mihoshi I like drawing tenchi Myo! charas, but this picture is only inked one
93 kb Sandman/OMG This picture was inspired by DC:s sandman
85 kb Escaflowne RPG This picture captures one moment from my Escaflowne RPG campagn

Newer Drawings
114 kb Drawed in 3AM. This one I drawed in RolePlayCon in 3AM.
52 kb Akuma I scanned this pencil-drawing to see how it will come out
66 kb Kasumi"the Badgirl" Inspred by fan-fic "Kasumi the bikerslut"
52 kb MahooGirl Scantily clad sorcerer
45 kb Mechasuit picture that I finished from my friend, j-chan's leftover
95 kb Slayer Moon This was inspired by a slight misreading
31 kb. Android Weird android from depths of my mind
81 kb. Tired fighter This one I drawed after I had finished reading "Orion"
77 kb. Two Girls un-at-ease Picture of Ryoko hugging Aeka. This one was inked at brush
85 kb. Girl gangers Something I drawed while waiting members of my RPG-party to show up.

Somekind of a Wallpaper
174 kb Happines is: strong friend This one is edited Picture of Masamune Shirow