About me and this site

Note: this is revised version of old one.

About me
Noteworthy things in my life started when I get out of army(in Finland where I live, all men have to go to army). Then two things happened: I joined HySFK(Helsinki Univercity Science Fiction Club), and I started playing RPG's. The HySFK arranged video-evenings, and I saw all kinds of weird movies. Some of these were Anime. This was beginning of the 90's, and it almost killed my interest in anime. Sure I saw Akira and Goost In The Shell, but they also showed Urutzukidoji and Doomed Megalopolis. Agrhh ! ! So I desided that anime wasn't for me.
In the meanwhile in continued to read, draw and and moved off from AD&D to more intelligent RPG's. My interest in anime raised again when one of my rpg-group member talked a lot of them, especially one series called "Tenchi Muyo!". So out of interest I went his place "to watch some of it". When clock reached 4 AM, I was sold. Now I have modest library of anime-tapes, which I'm constantly expanding.
Besides watching anime, I also like playing Roleplay-games and read a lot. Nowadays when I had finally got a more or less permanent job my freetime seem to flow out of my hands all too fast.

About this site
Fistly, why this page is written in English? It is true that my "native" language is Finnish, but the text tend to form out more easily in english, and after all there is only a few million finnish speaking web users.
As you may have already noticed this site has kind of "barren" look. This is because this site would not exist if there would't been Geocities to offer free space.I'm sucker to all free things, and thats how this site got in existence, so I'm learning this by doing.
Since this site come into excistence I have moved from Geocities to Tripod, because evergrowing broblems with Yahoo/Geocites. I support Much more Lycos than that Yahoo-trendy fags. Another thing is that I'm great fan of black-n-white art, and I want my site reflects this. Ergo, you brobably not gonna see any fancy animated multi-color stuff. Another thing I don't like are pages whitch are sliced to bits with those obnoxious gray frames. Layout-purpose of my pages is, that you can see contents of a page easily, and (hopefully) browse easily between them. For reasons noted earlier updating these pages is somewhat slow, but I try to get something done once a while.