Opening theme:"Take my revolution"

Heroically, with brawery
I go on in my life,
just a long long time.
but if the two of us should get split up
by whatewer means,
let go of me, Take my Revolution.
In the sunny garden, we 
heald each other hands
Drew close togather and soothed
each other with the words:
"Neither of us will ever fall in love again"
Into this photograps of us
smiling cheek to cheek.
I took abit of lonelines
and crammed it inside.
even in my dreams, event rough my tears,
even trough I'm being hurt,
reality is aproaching now, frantically.
What I want now ifs to find out
just where I belong.
and my self-worth, up trough today
Heroically I trow avay
my clothes 'till I'm nude,
Like roses dancing all 
around me, whirling free
But if the two of us should get slit up,
by whatever means,
I swear to you, I will change the world.