Komori Ryo Zen Otaku-do

Batstyle perfect road to otakunism

This essey was first bublished in our local mangaclub-magazine "KANHOKU" in finnish.
Writer is not me but A. SÓren, whose grateful permit it is showed here
It is said that anime is not a hobby, but lifelong dedication to the powerty
Thats not true
Man came to the Zen-master and said "I dont own anything, I┤m free !". Master said to him: "Only when your given up to not wanting anything youre truly free". True otaku is not attached to the aidea of powerty. To Otaku the financial situation is like weather: I┤ts got direct and indirect consiscenses to the ans welfare, but hasn't got any meaning in itself. True Otaku is not neither fond of his collection. It is not important what they own, but what they don't own...yet. True otaku is only fond of an idea of seeing all existing anime. When they are sawed it all, they are truly free, and can achive Enlightement

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There is several otaku schools
some press the material side: writing tables, luchboxes, collectors cards, posters, phonecards, model kitts...
If the followers of these schools are not careful, and their collections can become more important than anime, then they are not much better than other collectors.
Thats not a way of Perfect otaku
There is Otaku-do schools that say "All your need is tentacles", or "Cutenes is all your need", or "Your must only watch mecha"
This is not the way to the Enlightement

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Komori ryu Zen Otaku-do is Way of Perfect Otaku. Its created originally using Tetsuvan atom ryn and Uchy Senkan Yanmato ruy tiivitsus techinques, which are completed with things from old Ova-do schools.
Komori Ryu stresses watching of all anime that is available. It's wery practical: Form must never be in a way of suitabitily. In other words: It's not HOW your watch it or WHAT your watch, as long your watch A LOT of anime
Komori Ryu means bat. Name is chosen to represent some of the typical aspects whitch are noticed some dan-level otakus: In forementioned reasons some members of opposite sex looks a Komori Ryu practitioners in samelike horror than our name-animal