Brother, bear brother
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Konnichiwa! And welcome my small site that intents to introduse to you sadly less known tv -series, Riyoko Ikeda's "Brother, dear brother"


Even "Brother, dear brother" is interesting show worth watching, it is surisingly hard to find. The same appyes to any info about the series.
The purpose of this site is to introduse it ot the larger audience.
It looks like ordinary school-anime, about Nanako Misanoo who has entered an elite school called "Seiran Academy" and her hardships in there. But after half-dozen episodes the plots really starts to roll, and what first has anime with stereitypic characters takes turn to weirder direction. In these type of anime there are always certain characters present. heroinne, Her sidekick, possible supporters and evil-doing antagonist who tries her best to made the life of heroinne as miserable as possible. In "Brother dear brother" seems to have all these stereotypes too. But What at first seems to be 2D character collection, turns out to something that has more depth than could be seen at first glance.
This site tries to give some info about the series.
It is hard to say anything about in this series without making spoilers, but I try.

It has been my intention Not to steal or plagiarisize any particular site.
The pictures are from the few sites i managed to find.
Since this site would look lot more boring, I hope that they forgive me for use of the pictures.

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