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Brother, bear brother

This page indroduses the main cast

Nanako Misanoo
Nanakoo Misanoo is main character of the series. The events revolve, more or less, around her and her actions. She gives name for the series by writing letters to
his "brother", who really is his cram-school teacher.
Misanoo is pulled in the whrilpool of events, which are all new to her. She has also somewhat naive character, willing to believe goodness of the people.
These two facts pile constantly new problems in her. Misanoo has depth of character which many female-characters in school-anime usually lack.
However as much as other people would weant to use her in their own ends, she owns strong personality and is able to face her problems headlong.

Tomoko Arikura
Tomoko is Misanoo's best friend. Together they have gone trough japanese school-system with together, but in seiran academy they are separated into different class. This is made possible the by the schiil system where you ahave to study in goodnamed schol to be abel to get in anext level goodnamed school.
Being in a lot of ways typical "sidekick" character, (even her name means "little follover") he is strong, indipendent
and does not live just trough her friend.

Mariko Shinobu
Mariko is first student who Misanoo meets in Seiran Academy. Unlike Misanoo she has flaring character, and she usually knows exsactly which she wants.
-She wants desperately to be a member of a Sorority.
-After seeing Misanoo she wants to come her new best friend.
As with everything she is more than little possessive.
When she is fist seen, mariko does seem to fit into typical "Evil bitch" of the series. But as with everybody in this series, she has more lifelike character.