The Magnificient Three

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Brother, bear brother

Here is some info about the "Maginifien three"
of Seiran Academy

Rei Asaka ("Hana no Saint-Juste")
Mysterious young woman whom Misato literally stumbles first
in a buss going to school. His nickname trsnslates as "Saint Juste of the flowers", meaning Saint Juste of the Glorious beauty. He's namesake was french poet, Leonde St. Juste, who was beutiful but fanatical member of Robesbierre's Jacobine club in the era of French revolution.
(Another remark about Ryoko Ikeda's literature knoweledge.)
He has bishonesque qualities, but in the series there is no question about his sex. Mysterious slient person, who has (as everybody in this series) skeletons in his closet.
He is the first (and I would say) biggest shaker of Misato's wordwiew in a Academy.
Rei bears Fukiko's continous humiliations unsurprisingly

Kaoru Orihara ("Kaoru no Kimi")
Kaory orihara got's her nickname from Udaishoo genji who is
main character in a book whiich said to be world's first novel "Genji monogatari" (aka. "Tale of Genji").
Udaishoo(lit. "knight") Genji was wery beautiful nobleman.
Kaory herself is athletic tomboyish woman, who could go of member of either sex, but her sex is defined firmly as a woman is series. She get's involved with Misatoo trough Rei
She tries to stop rei eating drugs, and to stop being object of Fukiko's whims. As with people in this series she has her own obsessions.

Fukiko Ichinomiya ("Miya-sama")
Her name translates as "High priestess of perfumes"
Miya-sama is head of the sorority, and studend council.
because of her position other students teat her a a queen. Even amon elite she is rich and comes to academy by private car. She gives to Misatoo fair amount of trouble by selecting her to sorority. This woman looks at first a typical Ice queen, but her psyche is more complicated.