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Uptated 19th of January 2002


You have arrived IHANK's pages.
IHANK means East-Helsinki All-Nighter Klub. It is small club which is ONLY open for those who live in Helsinki and surrounding areas. If something in my anime-library intertest you, e-mail me. I'm willing to distribute my fan-subs, but even then it will be just for European PAL-consumers. If you want something send me e-mail, and I send you my adress.
You can order max. 2 (count them two)tapes per order. The cost for order in outside Finland is 15 Euro for tapes + pp.

1997 jii_pee@email.com

Please note that my anime-list contains commercial tapes, they are only available for IHANK's local club-members. Don't even bother to ask copies of them.

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