Shrine about Defending Kasumi's honor and fanfics

Yes. The purpose of this shrine is to defend Kasumi's honor, especially in fanfics. I have read fanfics long enought that I have detected couple trends in them, and frankly I don't like how the fair keeper of the Tendo household is mistreated.

slightly angry kasumi

As you can see Kasumi herself is agreeing with me.
Seriously talking: based what I have read, I would say that Kasumi is one of the most misunderstanded character in Ranma 1/2.
"Silly girl, doesn't do have any martial arts skill and she smiles all the time to everybody. I bet she's using drugs or something"
I can almost hear that kind of thinking from some of the worst ones. Hear me out: I am NOT saying that all the fic-writers are pre-adolescent action-fans, but it does seem like that there are some writers who doesn't seem to understand her role in Ranma 1/2.
Neither I can say that I really know know how Takahashi-sama has meant her manga to read.
But I am pretty sure that he didn't meant that even she smiles all the time, her hardest chores are cooking and buy groseries, she doesn't have any hidden homicidal dendercies nor she is some drug junkey.
Now I can hear somebody starting to whine: "But this is a fanfic, I't hasn't nescerally doesn't have anything to do with original story line", of even "But in realism he would just simply have to" Now let me ask you why do you use Ranma cast then? If you want lots of pointless violence and/or sex you could use characters from "Street fighter" for example. And for second one: Wake up! this is manga not realism.
The point I want to bring out is: From what I have read and watched in tv/video from Japanese customs is that Kasumi acts like a Goodnatured normal housewife. From that we can deduct that Takahasihi brobably meant her as a dose of normality in otherwise quite chaotic Tendo household. Bearing this in mind it is quite adolescent thing to make him "frigit bitch homicidal maniac".

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Now that I have ranted enough I have to say that there is some extremely good Ranma fanfics. Here is a few examples. (No I had not wrote them, they are here so you could read them)

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